Residential & Commercial Lighting

The truth is, most people wouldn’t think to consult with a lighting expert before finalizing the best finishing lights and fixtures.  If you’re considering Quinn Energy lighting solutions, smartly you’re not one of them!

As true lighting design professionals we understand the subtle art of precision lighting.  We’re fully aware of the latest lighting technology that’s now available – meaning your next project will leverage the latest art and science available on the fringe of lighting design.


Interior Lighting Installation

From light bulbs through ballasts, chandeliers and pendant lights to strip lighting and uplight/led mood illumination Quinn Energy handles virtually any lighting project you can dream for your home.

Our lighting team can consult you on the best lighting options for any given space, and review the most cost effective way to implement and maintain them.


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Detail-Oriented Custom Lighting

As with most contractor work, its often the small details that make the difference between a “job completed” and an exceptional finish.  Unlike insulation service projects or straight electrical contractor work, custom lighting consultation requires a consultant to have a firm command and knowledge of design.

Don’t just rely on us to do it right the first time… count on us to architect a dynamic lighting environment that creates a living space you won’t want to leave.


Commercial & Industrial Lighting

Our experience goes way beyond residential lighting projects. We’ve managed large scale commercial and industrial lighting projects of almost every size.  From home office drop ceiling lighting to warehouse lighting and retail projects, if you want insight into creating effective and functional lighting, we’re ready to serve.

We have the experience to make virtually any lighting project a success including:

  • Custom Lighting Service
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Potlighting / Uplighting Installs
  • Lighting Mood Design Consultation
  • LED Lighting Retrofitting
  • 2x4ft Drop Ceiling Commercial Lighting
  • Chandelier & Pendant Lights
  • Outdoor/Indoor Security Lighting
  • Custom Holiday Christmas Lighting
  • All Electrical Service Support Infrastructure to Match!

We have the extensive training and experience to complete any type of lighting installation in Halifax and most of Nova Scotia.

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