Car Charging Station Installation

Electric Vehicles (EV’s) are becoming increasing popular and the demand for home electrical vehicle charging station installation is growing to match.

Quinn Energy is among the first HRM consultants to offer home car charging station installations!

We are able to handle several “Levels” of charging station installation including:


Level 1 EV Charging Station

This is the same 120-volt current found in most household outlets and can be installed using the power cord and equipment that most EVs come with. Creating this type of charging station and making it available on your property is as easy as installing most 120 volt outlets seen on the outside of your home.

While this has a low installation cost if you already have an outlet near where your electric car is parked, and it has a low impact on electric utility peak demand charges (often applied to commercial accounts). It is a slow charging installation, typically 5-8km of range for each hour its charging.

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Level 2 EV Charging Station

You’ll find a much faster, 240 volt power charging station using a Level 2 charger for your EV’s battery system. This type of charging installation requires an EVSE unit and electrical cable capable of handling higher than average voltage power.

We handle many Level 2 EVSE tools currently on the market, and several manufacturers are offering free level 2 charging equipment with an electric car purchase.

Level 2 EV charging stations are more popular for their much faster charging periods.  You typically get 16-32kms of range per hour of charge.


Other EV Charging Station Installation Considerations:

One of the obvious challenges is the need to have the infrastructure to charge vehicles in Nova Scotia readily available throughout the province. Many electric vehicle charging stations in Halifax are now operating, with many more planned.

With time it’s inevitable that these will be as popular as gas stations as popularity continues to rise.

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