Nova Scotia Heat Pump Financing: Free Heat Pumps for Low-Income Households

Nova Scotia is investing $140 million in energy efficiency programs over four years to help all households in the province move away from oil heating. Low-income and middle-income households will receive extra support to install heat pumps and make other energy efficiency upgrades. The funding will help about 13,500 low-income households and 30,000 middle-income households when combined with federal contributions.

Free Heat Pumps and Upgrades for Low-Income Households

Efficiency Nova Scotia will improve and expand programs to help Nova Scotians save money and be a part of the solution to fight climate change. Low-income households can apply now to the HomeWarming program to get free heat pumps and any electrical panel upgrades needed to install them.

All Nova Scotians can get help with energy efficiency upgrades through the Home Energy Assessment program, which is the first step to accessing rebates or loans through the federal Greener Homes program.

Extra Support for Middle-Income Households

With the new funding, there will be extra support for middle-income households to get rebates when they install energy-efficient heating systems and other upgrades that reduce their reliance on oil. This investment helps meet a commitment in the government’s climate change plan for clean growth. The Province is making this investment in the current fiscal year, and Efficiency Nova Scotia will roll out the program over the next four years.

Financing for Heat Pumps in Nova Scotia

If you’re a low-income Nova Scotian struggling to pay oil bills, apply now for the HomeWarming program to get a free heat pump and electrical panel upgrades. The program has already made lives better for past participants, and you could be next. If you’re a middle-income household, take advantage of the extra support for rebates when you install energy-efficient heating systems and other upgrades that reduce your reliance on oil.

What’s Next?

Financing for heat pumps is now available in Nova Scotia, thanks to the government’s investment in energy efficiency programs. The new funding will create 1,500 jobs in small businesses and trades around the province. Get started today and be a part of the solution to fight climate change while saving money on energy bills.

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